PictureYou guys licorice root is so amazing! Please make it part of your daily routine.

I’ll throw out the stats of why I love this tea so much.

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. Kills a broad list of virus.
  3. Prevents the multiplying of virus.
  4. Takes pain away.
  5. Protects from radiation.
  6. Stimulates the pancreas
  7. Stimulates the thymus
  8. Its so good for all types of flu and virus that is hiding out especially in the lungs and organs.
    Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin which is 50 times sweeter than sucrose which encourages the production hydrocortizone This is why it has been so beneficial for aiding those with slow or under-active adrenals and boosting the overall immune system.
  9. Licorice root stimulates the bile flow acting as a mild laxative.
  10. Did you know in china they have the children chew on the licorice root to help them grow.
  11. Gives energy to the spleen and stomach.
  12. “It has the property of quenching thirst if one holds it in the mouth” c.310 bc
  13. Most importantly it is used to enhance other herbs. (Its benefits are not utilized without mixing it with other teas)  If you take licorice root it should be taken in addition to other herbs. 2 being the best. It will enhance the other herbs to be extra beneficial.

Licorice root is an amazing tool to have and knowledge of it makes the use even better.
We hold no value to anything until we understand it so here you go.

A great thing to do.
Take a tea bag of three teas licorice root being one and two others of choice. steep them together and enjoy.