If you have tea you have hope. And you are never helpless.
Everyone can benefit and before I knew what to do in my diet at all I knew one thing, and that was the power of nettle leaf tea. I credit it so much for where I am at now in my health and I  just cant preach it enough. If you do nothing else, do nettle leaf:)
  1. Blood builder
  2. liver cleanser
  3. kidney support
  4. cramps 
  5. bloating
  6. neurological disorders
  7. thyroid imbalance
  8. calms pain from shingles rash
  9. kills virus
  10. provides micro nutrients to the blood brain heart and liver
  11. takes down inflammation
  12. improves all the endocrine system  HORMONES
  13. Loose weight
  14. stops bleeding
  15. builds iron
  16. destroys intestinal worms and parasites 
  17. Morning sickness

If you are not taking nettle leaf tea maybe this will encourage you too.  We have all our clients on nettle leaf tea. If by any chance you think you are Allergic to nettle leaf you may be wrong. Nettle leaf can trigger the liver and flush out more than you knew to be in there. So its not an allergic reaction but more an immune response. 

The only thing we are doing wrong when it comes to nettle leaf especially in a society where liver are not so good, is not drinking it enough. Please start drinking to much!!!!!!!!!