What We Do

We use the practice of Foot Zonology to care for our clients. A way to kindly rebuild organs renew the body in every cell and bring back your health. You will have an insight to what is going on in your body like never before.

You will see how intelligent your body is and how it has the power to heal itself.

In every treatment, your body will make its way back to its original healthy state.

We use this Foot Zonology technique in combination with theta healing, the combination is what has given our clients the results they need, the answers they are looking for and a way out of unexplainable illness.

Theta healing is the way we communicate with the body on a cellar level to remove old patterns, mental thoughts that have created any problems with your health, repair the dna and access emotional healing that needs to take place for the body to heal its fastest.

We specialize in viral healing, hormone balance, thyroid, adrenal and liver health.

When people have no more hope for health it is us they come and see but let’s not wait to that point for you. Work on your health now and be proactive in preventing illness.

The benefits are sky’s the limit when it comes to using these tools the way we do.

You are looking for results and a change in your health. We are your answer. We have worked with hundreds of clients and are completely equipped to aid you in your journey back to health. No matter what you are going through, we can help.


~ Rachel & Kate ~