Hello I am Rachel.

Living life in a state of unhealthy unhappiness is something that I look forward to changing for every one of my clients.

I know that we all have the information and intelligence in our own cells to renew and rebuild our body. And although I am referred highly for chronic health conditions and unanswered questions people have about what’s going on in their life, and health, there are also those who come for bettering their overall state in the way of healing their heart, relationships, or emotional setbacks.

My name is Rachel, and I am grateful for all the experiences that I have had in my life. With my own ups and downs with health, it has set me up entirely for this moment that I will work with you and be able to change your life. I have many years of experience wrapped in wonderful and extremely amazing reviews of what has been accomplished with other clients. But the only thing that counts is your own story. I urge you to have the ability to hope for a better life. Stop living with chronic low energy, lack of hope, and a state of illness that’s been considered untreatable and let’s make a change today.

I love working one-on- one in my office with my clients, or privately in their home as a V.I.P client.

No person, in any place, at any time, in any condition, is unworthy of a healing. I know it because I’ve seen it.

Let’s start your journey back to health today.


~ Rachel ~

Hi, my name is Kate.

It is my belief, that every client deserves the opportunity to see their body’s rebuilding ability, through the process of healing. I believe in the body’s phenomenal gift of healing, time and time again, through all kinds of ailments and chronic illnesses. The healing process is a learning experience to understand how truly strong and amazing your body can be! I believe that each of you deserve to have the knowledge to rebuild your body, along with an understanding, of how to better your health, today, tomorrow and always.

You deserve to have the strength and support to reach your goals and dreams on every level, I can give you the tools to do that!


~ Kate ~