About Us

Our Mission Statement

Balanced Well Beings is a place of natural health and healing. We give back the lives of those that are hopeless through strength, support & positive results. We specialize in Master Foot Zoneology® Theta Healing, implementation of Medical Medium practices and customized nutrition.

Our Vision Statement

Here at Balanced Well Beings, we make health happen. We support your goals, as one of our clients. We are here for you, whether you are just starting out or working to build on a healthy foundation. We promise to be here, with the answers and tools you need.

Our Clients

We work with clients who have been to every other specialist and still have no answers. Our clients come to us at a critical point in their health and are ready to commit to a positive change. Our clients are looking for miracles and wisdom on a deeper level and they are ready to transform in every aspect of their life.

Our Strategy

We believe that no person on this planet is ever at a place so bad that they cannot receive a healing. We commit 100% of our time and knowledge, along with our tools and training to every one of our clients. We get results!

Our Expertise

We specialize in chronic illness, hormone imbalances, unexplainable illness, autoimmune disease, family genetic healing, heart healing and soul healings.

Our Promise

We promise to give you our all! We will be there when you need support and strength in your healing journey. We promise to take your journey as seriously as if it were our own, because we have been there too.