This year I have been through more growth than ever before. Life, death, ups, downs, growth, setback, and so much more. I am grateful for so many things that I cant believe have come together to bless me this year.


There is no growth without growing pains. And I am GRATEFUL to those who have gone through life on a different path so that we can learn  from all experiences in order to become a better people. 

To learn to be grateful for loss, in order to love on a higher level.
To learn that everything we need is front of our eyes and has always been in our hearts.
To know that pain can never be disguised.
To have the power inside to change every day.
To have the power of prayer and know that angels are there.
To see pain like I have never seen it before be balanced out by another open door.
To recognize that we are all here to help each other and share the same purpose.

This year is hard to put into words other than grateful, because it is what we choose to be today. Gratitude is what brings abundance of heart mind and health. Gratitude is different for every person but we all have it just the same.

Gratitude shows others we care, and all we want is to be cared about and loved.