What is the point of having so much place to express ourselves if we never get to truly say what we want to say. Do you realize that behind everything that someone does is thought process like this  (What do people want to see from me, and, What is the right answer I should answer to please a specific person.? And what do they expect me to look like?)
This post is for a wonderful new friend I have made that has spent so much time doing what he is told is right that he had gotten further away from who he is. He went to all the right classes and met all the right people and still felt unfulfilled. He filled his life with what everyone told him was right.
He spent so much time in the right places and truly you can, you can go to the right class, seminar, etc. for the rest of your life and it is so uplifting. There are so many good things out in the world. But you can also loose yourself there. As good as things might be at those places they are still not you. And you will continue to search because  all the good things someone else does to change their life at the end of the day is the what THEY did to changed their life.
Don’t get caught up in being a repeat of what you see, because it still isn’t who you are. Our journeys are so individualized in life, that is what make’s us who we are.
I think that at the end of the day whether you fill your head with to much even of what you think is good, it is still someone elsse’s good and you need to clear the mind to receive inspiration for yourself. So I am trying to say to be careful, and even if its good clutter it is still clutter in your mind that builds up over the true ideas you might have for yourself. Try to fast from all this kind of thing once in a while to make sure you are keeping in tuned with yourself. You don’t even know how many amazing things are waiting inside of you hiding behind the doors of what you may have thought were great advice or ideas of someone else. You may have something bigger and better to give to the world but you wont know if you don;t try to be you.

DON’T CAP OFF your own life path by overwhelming yourself with others good advice, find your own! Do you find yourself trying to follow a hundred techniques a day and trying to remember the right way to dress, or how to hold your self, or how to talk, or how to think. Oh my gosh take a step back and enjoy these great techniques or tools because you want to, not because you have to. And just remember that you have your own greatness hiding behind all those other great ideas too.

A world full of great ideas that could be MASKING your own. So just think about it.

So much good in the world and I never would have thought this scenario could arise but it is becoming more prominent. Go out and learn, but by no means do you have to apply the way other people find success in order to find your own happiness.

I love learning, I love the feel of so many great minds together in a room, I dig on all that real hard, and have been to some super great events.  But I am aware of this stuff each and I try to honor the real me no matter what.