“If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”

These words are in such a way that you get excited just reading them. You think, “oh my goodness, what can I have vision for that I might obtain my desired outcome?”

This brought me to the most amazing story about vision that I have ever had a chance to witness and be a part of.

This story is about a young woman that I am sure we all feel we can relate to. She is positive, kind, meets every obstacle with a courageous attitude, and is a light in the lives of her husband, daughter and son.

At 29 years old, this woman has dealt with much in the health of her son. He was on the autism spectrum, and he was also told he would have sleep apnea his whole life. He has had specialist after specialist call him an enigma because of the things his body would go through and react to. His list of health problems was long and growing.

This mom had been through so much because of near death experiences and complications of her son’s health.

I believe that all things can change in our body, and my true belief is that the human body is always working in our favor, even if we don’t understand it at the time. If we take care and love our body, then we can see some amazing miracles. I have that vision, because I have seen things that are miraculous, happen to others through the work I do. I witness people’s body’s hearts and minds healing themselves all the time once they have the right tools.

One key tool is vision. The vision we have for our health, income, and daily life is how we can focus on what we want and eventually hold the desired outcome in our hands.

This woman came to us looking for help with her child when she had lost all hope and was at a dead end for answers. The amazing thing is that she could not even envision her son living, thriving, and being the way she believed in her heart he could be if he had his health back.

We worked together to create a vision, and make it part of what she truly believed on a DNA level. So that she could see past all the things that had been created negatively in her mind, and see a clear picture of her son being strong, having no sleep apnea, running, playing, going to school, eating, smiling, talking, and being independent.

After this work was done with her, the health of her son substantially accelerated with every visit. We were able to heal his sleep apnea that was “not supposed” to do anything but get worse according to the specialists.  Many people were blown away by this because it’s unthinkable in today’s culture.

This boy has been able to gain a desire back for food, and has grown already in strength and size. He is running, doing stairs, etc…  He was unable to look at us in the eyes, and now it is not a problem even with strangers. He was in a state of consistent drooling that has gone away, and he had a sensory problem so heavy that he could not feel pain in which he now has feeling. He has started to make sounds and is advancing faster in every aspect of his life.

This story is a huge inspiration to those who had or have lost sight of what is possible for them in this life. You have the ability to have vision, and then in turn, manifest that into results. If you lost sight of your vision, you can get it back, and renew your goals and aspirations.

Love to all and great gratitude toward the Taylor family and their ability to be open to different concepts of health and healing. Working with the body, listening to the body, and healing with natural tools.

We are continually working and striving, but we have already seen the positive outcome of others with autism or downs syndrome or any other learning, physical or other type of disabilities completely change to who they are truly meant to be.

By the way, working with this mother whose health was going down fast and was to a point of daily illness herself, has been amazing and we’re helping her regain her own health.  Her strength to now keep up with her strong, beautiful, healthy, children is a major blessing for her.

“We create a better life for a bigger purpose”

Rachel Kelsch
Balanced Well Beings