Kauai is the most amazing place on the earth to me. The language, the people, all of it. I am in love with the whole experience. You have to go there to feel how much calm and peace is on the island, its like they do not put up with anyone who thinks they are in a rush. You are forced to just relax, like it or not.  We did have many adventures on the island but my favorite was the kayak tour…
   We got to hear the history of the island from a young boy who could trace his lineage back to being pure Hawaiian, He was different compared to any kid you would meet. He stood tall without any shoes, called us all family the whole trip, he didn’t disrespect anything or anyone, and he knew the history of his ancestors and of the island being so sure and proud of where he came from.  He took us up the river, up the mountain and into the waterfall of the wailua river, the canyon known for its spiritual history. He told us about all the plants the whole hike up to the river, what they were used for and what benefits they had, along with teaching us his story of Kauai, not the “Hollywood version.” it was by far the best experience I could have asked for. To have him for our guide of the day was the best thing that could have happened.
 I am so intrigued with the history of this island because before Kauai was discovered by the outside world they were free of disease. If they had any problems they could easily be fixed by eating the noni berries (which the guide did explain to us have to be in raw form to get the benefits) and using the plants of the island to make them well again.
   They didn’t have anything to disconnect them from their spirit or the spirit of the island. The people were unbelievably strong, they had no kind of machinery yet the structures built on the islands deep in the canyons were unimaginable of how they could have gotten there. The women were so  beautiful that when sailors reached Kauai they were so overcome with the beauty of the island women the rest is sad history.  
    I do not know of any other place where all the people stop to watch the sunset every night but if I did I would go there. This kind of practice instills so much trust for us knowing that the sun will go and rise again. I am being serious its a good way to put trust back into your life.  A sense of trust and abundance in the air and knowing what the island provides is enough for all.  No one is there to be anything but true to themselves in a very respectful way. 
This place has my heart.