Energy is everything.
Intention is who we are.
Unconditional love is the healer.

These thoughts can make the most complicated or scary situations melt away, when we use them the correct way…

They have the power to transform our every moment of every day and play an enormous role on our health.

Dedicating this information and encouragement to one of the most beautiful women we have ever met, this is for you! You know who you are, may this wisdom fill you with light. Because light, is what you are.

What is energy really? Energy is light and frequency and vibration in which we all resonate at differently.

When you say you like someone’s “Vibe” or that they just “Connect” with you, then you are stating that you like the energy that is literally coming from them. Did you know that light is who we are? Our cells are, each one, creating this image of what people see when they look at us. Now, the thing to remember, is that there are so many in depth amazing studies and stories etc… that can be studied for a lifetime, about this, but, the most important piece, that no one has told you about, is this. . .
Energy is light and you are a light being.

Light is everywhere. I want you to stop denying that and step into the beauty of it. You were created by some bigger picture for some bigger purpose and no one can take that away from you. Your positive thoughts are your talents and a gift that only you have.

Just because the light is out, does not mean it cannot be re-lit.

In a place, called my office, I often imagine that I can spark the light so that clients can begin to feel hopeful again. This is the simplest way to start a healing, by introducing a nonjudgmental, pure, piece of unconditional love that almost no person really knows.

“Every day, I see you struggle to have energy. You may get frustrated about that. I feel your pain when you tell me about never being enough, but I understand. There are so many uncertainties that surround your life and right now they feel consuming. You are going through heartache that seems only time will heal. You have been filled to the brim with guilt and low self-worth. Never being enough and on some level not wanting to, because then people will want more from you.”

This letter will feed your soul and find your light when I am not there with you. . .

Remember who you are. I see people every day that are wonderful and purposeful. I see in them what they don’t see in themselves and with this I know they can change. You are in a state of disconnect if you are reading this and think that my friend sounds like you.

You have likely carried this low place of energy for so long that it has manifested its way into a body that is full of unexplainable symptoms. You struggle with unanswered questions and a lot of running around to find the help you need for your specific unexplained circumstance that have now become your body.

So, I want you to think about energy every day.
You will think about the morning and when you wake up you will wake up with gratitude. You will say thank you for all you have and all the people in your life.

You will then think about breakfast and be energized by the fact that you have something to nourish your body. You will state your gratitude to everyone and everything that made it possible to have that food you have in your hand.

As you run your errands and move quickly through your day you will remember that deep breathing is more beneficial for you now than ever and that you like the motto Rachel always tells you about meditation. “That she is always highly meditated!” lol

You have gratitude and breathe. You know how to take in the breath of life and are grateful for it.
Your day will be in your control, because the only thing you can control is your attitude about your day. You choose to keep the intention of gratitude.

Raising your vibration is an absolute answer for every one of your problems. I tell you all the time how we can use science to measure our body’s energy level by knowing the megahertz levels and what we are vibrating at. What I am telling you is that, at a low level of energy we bring disease and illness and depression to our body. We can also raise the vibration to have control and change the situations that we have too. We can change our health!

Gratitude will raise our vibration. Breath and meditation will raise your vibration. Powerful words and awareness that I am giving you now will raise your vibration. You will look at everything as a vibration and know that if it is not on a level high enough for you then it is in your best interest to not have it in your company, in your hands, or in your diet.

You know the power that has created you is in you and that no one can take that away because it is your purpose. No two people are alike, that is why you are important. Take the time to create some self-preservation and show yourself true unconditional love for where you are at right now.

​You are worth every second of every day.

Truth is light for those who are in the dark. The truth is that you are part of a bigger picture. Choose to follow your heart and your own beliefs to live the life you know you want.  I see the light in you, now all you must do is choose to honor it.

“We create a better life for a bigger purpose”

Rachel Kelsch
Balanced Well Beings