…swim in deep waters, is only one of the great things I have learned from the most beautiful lady you’ll ever meet.. She is literally a Disney princess come to life. Taryn Depo has been in my life for a while now and has been a huge blessing to me. I swear only words of wisdom come from her mouth. She is so lady like and strong at the same time. When I think of the word feminine in all its glory I always think of Taryn. I want us to all be more like her and let our struggles build us up to a higher plain of compassion for the world.

With out intruding on Taryn’s privacy I think I can sum her up by saying that we all are going through trials in this world to learn, and that we can carry those trials with grace. I love that Taryn has always been protective of her soul and has a definite talent of finding what is good in the world that will benefit her journey. I have never met someone more in tuned with there surroundings. Lots of love to the depos 🙂

Her grace will carry her through the deep,
all to fall upon Jesus feet.

Do or Do not there is no try 😛

Thank you to Taryn for the beautiful flowers and good wishes for my company, and for all your kind words. They really make the office beautiful!